What's a Docuventure?

The name is a portmanteau of Documentary and Adventure. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention. With all of the sudden changes happening in Europe, we thought a casually documented road trip would be both important and interesting, especially to meet those people who live in the areas that frequently show up in the news but whose voices are very seldom heard. What better way to put a finger on the pulse than to make real contact with real people?

We are coming to Central and Southern Europe to meet you, in a bar, in your home, or for a walk and talk in the park.

Armed with only a cell phone and a very tired credit card, we’d like to record our meetings and interviews with the people we meet in order to capture the diversities and similarities, to understand the stories and their histories, and to hopefully come up with a very home made film about our very big European home.

The adventurous part of this project is that we’re doing this all on our own without anyone backing us and, on top of that, we’re also poking at some very sensitive issues. This means that we’re algorithmically going against the tide and we don’t expect this campaign will go viral without your active and engaged participation in every step of this very personal adventure. It all depends on us to raise our own voices above the prevailing noises and produce a signal that is clear and makes sense to real people.

What's the format?

We’re open to discussing anything and everything, but we do have some valuable questions to start with.

  • Will Europe go to war with Russia over energy security?

  • What is the state and fate of millions of Ukrainians now living in the regions through which we’ll be traveling?

  • What about the millions of Russians living in the EU right now?

  • Will the EU continue its relationship with the west?

  • Will the EU remain a family of nations?

These are the questions that are on the minds of many in these largely overlooked regions and we want to come and hear your thoughts. We’ll be publishing our videos frequently so do subscribe to our social media campaigns to stay updated and informed.

How can you contribute?

The best way to help is by sharing this project with others. Use the social links to quickly let your community know about the CentralSouth Docuventure and, if you’re going to be in one of the cities on our itinerary, please connect with us to arrange a meeting so that we can include you in the film.

Additionally, we’re asking for donations because we need a small budget to cover the travel and production costs and to spend the next few months editing the footage that we’ll be collecting from the Road Trip. You can support us for the price of a coffee. We’re crowdfunding this project on buymeacoffee.

For anything else, don’t hesitate to shoot us an email at centralsouthdoc@gmail.com